A Newcomer's Guide to VirtuaLunatics' VS8

Welcome, FTV!  (First Time Visitor)  We have no idea when you're joining us--we could be at episode two or twenty by the time you read this, so let us give you a quick insight into how the site is structured so you can maximize your Lunatic Experience!

Obviously, we're doing a Buffy VS8.  But think of this as the DVD edition, not the TV version--there are plenty of extra features and we've tried to make them meaningful (ok, so that's not always like a DVD version!)

So while the first episode starts after "Chosen," from October 2003 (following the Buffy TV tradition of starting a season in the fall and only vaguely referencing summer events), we cover much of the backstory and events of the summer in our extra sections.   And our extras often provide epilogues or teasers for the episodes they match.

If you're completely new to the site and the season, may we suggest the following viewing order for the extras/episodes, just to get you in the rhythm of things?   Going in this order will minimize spoilers and confusion, although not completely of course!

First, PLEASE take a look at our group introduction and obligatory full disclaimer.  Really, we do need you to cover that first thing--the group intro gives info that need to know (like our season focus, philosophy, ratings, warnings (and lack thereof) etc., which may tell you if this season is for you or not) while  the disclaimer attempts to cover all our asses while happily mocking corporate America.  Hmmm...probably not the smartest move, but we're Lunatics with a reputation.  

After you've done that, go sign up for the distribution/discussion  list, just in case we decide to add more later. 

Now, you're finally ready to tackle the season.   Go, download the credits now, so you can get fully in the mood.  Ready?

Start with Dawn's Diary.  Read up to the last September entry (and no further!).  That largely covers the backstory and believe us, you'll never look at that little ball of green energy the same way again!

Then go ahead, you've been patient.  Do Episode One.  Then go back and read the first four (and only four!) newspaper entries.  Take a look at Anya's Will.  

Go then to Episode Two.  Although actually, we bet you already did that, given Episode One...  Anyway, do Episode Two.  There are a few diary entries paired to that, and then you can do Episode Three

Now, you're free to really start looking around.  Catch up on some more diary entries.  Check out the cast pages and the town pages.   Get some cool graphics (some of which are spoilerish in nature).  Start working your way through the Council Correspondence (best started after episode 4 at least), check out the author/site links and study the Reference Links.  And continue into the rest of the episodes--and we think you'll figure out quickly enough what eps work with what extras.  We strongly recommend you read Ethan's Journal ONLY after you've read all the way through to episode 12...it's much more fun reading it in retrospect and if you read it first, it's going to spoil you!  

Anyway, that will get you started.  There is a lot to catch up on.  We air a new ep every other Tuesday (we hope!), and updates to various extras are released as appropriate between episodes.  And new extra sections are in the works as well.

All episodes are sent first through the yahell distribution list and then updated on site.  Extras are not distributed through the list.  Updates to extras are announced on-site only, unless they are really special or new.

If you have questions, drop us a line on the boards.  Welcome to VLC!