This section provides information on topics we raise in our stories.  Almost none of the sites offered here will be BG or even Buffy related.  They are resources we found useful at one point or another in our work and thought you might like to check them out as well.  We will be updating as episodes air with more references.

Information on Oregon:

Oregon Weather (what's happening in Whispering Pines?):

Lane County Geography:

The University of Oregon's official newspaper (how'd the Ducks do this weekend?):

Eugene's newspaper, the Registrar Guard:

Info on Corvalis (the city to the north of WP):
 (home of the Beavers)

And as a bonus:  a collection of "netscrape" humor on Oregon

From Episode Two, "Out of the Fire:"  

Blind's Man Buffy:  Most American readers are familiar with Blind Man's BLUFF as the name of the hide and seek game.  It is correctly called Blind Man's Buff, which works out well for the story!  Some reference links are here.

After reading, "Ode to Dead Turkey Day,"  you asked us, "Cheese in a Can?"

Well, actually, YES!  

Did you like "Once Upon a Time?"  We hope so.  For more on the REAL fairytales that inspired it, please see:

Tales Collected by the Brothers Grimm:  the original 1884 text of Margaret Hunt, by all accounts a good translation, if somewhat old-fashioned by present-day standards.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Folklore and Mythology
For Batteries, we offer this: 
"How Batteries Work"

And REI's Tweed Jacket.... 
For "Tradition," we offer lessons in natural spirits....
If after reading "Grey Matters," you want to learn more about the pineal gland and melatonin and so on, we have a number of links for you.  

We're also offering a link to an interesting commentary on gay/lesbian portrayal on TV.... Hopefully we managed to make Dorothy Forrester a well rounded, all-to-human bitch, rather than a stereotype.  "What Lies Within"

Like the idea of a Giant Jelly Donut Cake?  

Learn more about US donuts here....
Did you enjoy reading about Whispering Pine's SlugFest, 2004 and want to to learn more more about slugs?  

Or perhaps about nearby Eugene's own contribution to the Slug Culture of Oregon?

Want your own Queer Eye?  We can at least send you to their website!

If you are looking for VLC and BG-related links, please go here.

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