This is a brief introduction to some of the new characters joining us in VS8.

Lord Percy Cromwell-Banks

Lord Percy Cromwell-Banks, 50, is the new head of the Council of Watchers. He is a tall, aristocratic looking man who carries himself with all the casual arrogance of generations of privilege. At first glance, he is everything the Scoobies fear: steeped in hidebound tradition, removed from the daily grind of life on the frontlines of the battle between good and evil, and seemingly better versed in which fork to use for the fish course than what weapon to use to take out a Fyarl demon. He talks in an offhand manner of rubbing shoulders with Royals and running down to Italy to see Cecelia Bartoli at La Scala. 

In reality, Lord Percy's nickname is Pisspot and he has a wicked, dry sense of humor. He's better at politics than Giles, and so rose to a higher rank within the Council. Despite that, he's a man of honor who retired in protest when Giles was fired for aiding Buffy in the Cruciamentum. With the destruction of the Council, he came out of retirement to help Giles put the organization back together in a new and better way. 

A school chum of Giles', he both admires and enjoys the company of his old friend. Through Giles' reports he knows of and is eager to meet the Scoobies.

Carrie Whedon

Carrie Whedon grew up in the suburbs of Seattle. Her interest in nursing developed as a result of taking care of her younger brother, who was dangerously accident-prone.  As she had bandaged up one more skateboarding injury, James made an idle comment that she’d be a great doctor.

Carrie, however, decided that she wanted more personal contact with people and decided to go into nursing. She attended school in Seattle, at the University of Washington School of Nursing. Carrie found she wasn’t particularly fond of city life and decided to move along with her boyfriend, a lumberjack, down to Whispering Pines, Oregon. 

After a few years, the lumberjack boyfriend decided to move on. But Carrie had found her niche as a school nurse at Northern Senior High School, and as she enjoyed her job more than the boyfriend, Carrie chose to stay.  

Carrie is a very down to earth person and fit right in with the Whispering Pines population. (It certainly helped that she wasn’t from California.) She is a regular patron of the Slamdunk and can often be found at the air hockey table, beating the pants off of anyone foolish enough to challenge her. She loves working at Northern SHS and genuinely cares for the students in her care. It was that concern that caused her to take a special interest in Dawn Summers.  Dawn’s headaches have been a source of worry for Carrie, and she would do anything in her power to make them stop.

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