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PREVIOUSLY ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: After Sunnydale's collapse into the Hellmouth, the newly reformed Watchers Council asked Giles to work with a sister coven of the one in Devon, until the gang was settled and Giles could return to England and help train new Watchers. Faith and Wood, along with several other Slayers decided to go to the Cleveland Hellmouth. The Slayers that didn't go to Cleveland were taken back to England by the Watchers for further training.

After several months of living with the coven outside Whispering Pines, Oregon, the Scoobies decided it was time to settle down and find a place of their own. They looked at several houses to no avail, until they found the perfect new home, Scobie Manor. Giles, executor of the very wealthy Anya Jenkin's will, paid cash outright for the house. Since he would be leaving to return to England and the Council of Watchers as soon as they were settled, he wanted to make their lives without him as easy as possible. While none of the Scoobies wanted Giles to leave, none of them were willing to ask him to put his life on hold again and stay.

Unfortunately, the house wasn't as perfect as the gang had hoped since it turned out to be haunted by a very angry ghost. A prophetic dream by Buffy, along with some research, revealed that the ghost was Hedwig Swenson, the nanny to Hiram Scobie's son. The young woman had been tortured and murdered by Hiram and her spirit remained trapped in the house. A violent battle ensued, during which Buffy discovered the mummified remains of Hedwig along with Hiram Scobie's journal, in which he admitted to the murder. The Scoobies took this information to the local newspaper in an effort to clear Hedwig's name.

All seemed to be ending well. Hedwig, now known to be innocent, decided to stay and mother Dawn, who claimed the attic as her own. And because she did not reveal the existence of a ghost in the house, Giles and Buffy managed to 'convince' the real estate agent to refund them some of the purchase price of the house. All that's left to do is wait for Giles to return with the check so that the Scoobies can celebrate with their first real family dinner in their newly furnished home.

Unfortunately for Giles, Drusilla has other plans.


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