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Whispering Pines was founded in 1867 by pioneers who came over the Oregon Trail looking for a new life after the Civil War.

The person who put the town on the map, however, was Hiram Scobie, a decorated Civil War veteran who settled in Whispering Pines in 1871 and started a lumber mill. The mill was such a success that two years later, in 1873, Scobie built his dream house known as Scobie Manor on the outskirts of town near Devil's Cave. In the years since Scobie's death, there have been increasing rumors of haunting's in the Manor. The house has had a series of owners, but has stood abandoned for the last few years. Several potential sales of the house have fallen through in that time when the buyers backed out suddenly. Over the years, most of the connected land has also been sold for housing developments, but a couple acres remain, mainly behind the house.

The area has grown a lot since Hiram Scobie's day, but it remains a small town, where small-scale agricultural pursuits, lumber and a satellite campus of the University of Oregon are the primary employers.

Since it's a college town, Whispering Pines' population varies drastically. During the summer, the town is home to a scant twenty-thousand people, but during the school year, the population doubles. Because of the annual influx of young people from all over the world, the area has access to a far greater range of amenities than it would otherwise have.

The townspeople are generally hard-working, friendly sorts with a socially liberal bent. Alternate lifestyles are accepted by most with little to no open disapproval. Some may shake their heads at the local commune a few miles to the South, but nobody bothers them. So long as people behave themselves in public, nobody much cares how they live in private.

The crime rate in town is low and confined to relatively minor incidents for the most part, except on the infamous wrong side of the tracks. Few are brave - or crazy - enough to walk there alone after dark.

Overall, the area is green and pretty, the natives are friendly and willing to welcome strangers into their midst, the college is respected, and the coffee is of a very high quality. What could possibly go wrong for Buffy and her friends here?

Stay tuned to find out.

Located on the back roads roughly half way between Eugene and Corvalis in central Oregon.

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