Pershing Daisies of...


Welcome to Pershing Daisies...known affectionately behind the owner's backs by some employees as Pushing Up The Daisies.

The owners are Lyle and Daisy Pershing, hence the name. Both are in their early sixties and have known one another for almost forty years. They met as rival gardeners in town, but eventually decided to pool their resources and become partners. Shortly thereafter, they married as well.

Thirty years ago, they started their own nursery. It began as a small place to get seeds, plant food, and a few houseplants. Now it's grown to include everything from seeds to statuary, from begonias to birdbaths. There's even a small florist's counter.

While the couple have no children of their own, they love to nurture people as well as plants. They expect their employees to work hard and be responsible, but they're willing to take chances on employees who don't know much when they walk in the door. Anyone willing to learn and work hard is given every opportunity to advance. No slacking is tolerated, however. These people embody the Puritan work ethic.

Lyle and Daisy love garden statuary.  They adore everything, from the stone animals to the imported plaster baths to, of course, the traditional garden gnome.

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