Subversive Group:     VirtuaLunatics

Subject Name: Weez

Other Aliases: Weez2424, Weezer

Location: a very overpriced apartment in San Francisco, CA

Writing Status: Middle Class (i.e., overworked and underpaid.)
A rookie who loves to write relationships; most comfortable writing humor and smut and most often at the same time!

Noted Titles:

  • "Finding His Place"
  • "You're My Emma"
  • "Now Leaving Sunnydale"
  • Hot Smut Galore:  "Fun Indeed," "Shower Scene," "Cell Phones," and "Ripper"


  • Most Injured Player on high school basketball team in high school...hoping for an award if she ever manages to finish a fic!!

Known Haunts:

  • Dreary office at work, coffee shops that sell cappuccino cheesecake, basketball courts and pool halls, in front of a computer with a yellow screen from a demon infested monitor.
  • Any Giles or BG website, and way, way too much time on EBAY.

Special Abilities: A wicked jump shot and flawless German (when sufficiently drunk), capable of turning any harmless, platonic, run-of-the-mill scene (from grocery shopping to weeding the garden to housecleaning to cell phone calls) into another piece of smut fic.

Other Subversive Activities/Crimes against nature:  Serial WIP-er. Inability to properly prioritize (have been known to forego fics for work or some other activity such as basketball or snowboarding, or - goddess forbid - guitar lessons).

Current Known Subversive Associates: Gabriele Schulz, Gail Christison, GilesFan, Gileswench, Jessie, Koala, Miss Witch, Tara, Weez, Wickedfox.

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