Subversive Group:     VirtuaLunatics

Subject Name: Wickedfox

Other Aliases: WF, Wicked One

Location: Washington State

Writing Status: Too active. Unfortunately bites off more than she can chew, thereby overfilling her dance card with many stories at once.

Noted Titles:

  • "Tipping the Scales"
  • "Greater Good"
  • "The Watcher than Never Was"
  • "Change of Pace"
  • "The Gift Revisited"
  • "Conversations"


  • July Zoned Award for "Greater Good" and "Tipping the Scales"
  • Researching Rupert Award for "Tipping the Scales", "Games in the Dark", "Cold Front"
  • And of course the imaginary ones in her own mind...

Known Haunts:

Special Abilities: Angst. Known to murder, torture and torment characters, but with a tendency toward humor and smut.

Other Subversive Activities/Crimes against nature: Often transforms beloved Watcher, Rupert Giles into a vampire, dark sorcerer, or ghost and publishes her so-called "art" to associating websites.

Current Known Subversive Associates: Gabriele Schulz, Gail Christison, GilesFan, Gileswench, Jessie, Koala, Miss Witch, Tara, Weez, Wickedfox.

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