Subversive Group:    VirtuaLunatics

Subject Name: Gail Christison

Other Aliases: Gail, Raynedancer, Rupertzgirl

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Writing Status: Um, yes J

Noted Titles:

  • "Snow and Fire"
  • "Donít Give Your Heart"
  • "Destinyís Doorstep"
  • "Once Upon A Watcher"
  • "Perchance to Dream"
  • and many more!


Known Haunts:

Special Abilities: Writing stories, either romantic or character driven, and researching.

Other Subversive Activities/Crimes against nature: Being the mother of the infamous Grey Angel, Asian cooking, Quantum Leap, Babylon 5 and formerly a writer of Star Trek fiction for Orion Press Zines and Quantum Leap fanfiction for Bill Hupe zines. Also known for providing several communications outlets for discussion and social interaction for like-minded individuals. Particularly noted for an obsession with a tall Englishman with a history in musicals and a tendency to do cult television shows.

Current Known Subversive Associates: Gabriele Schulz, Gail Christison, GilesFan, Gileswench, Jessie, Koala, Miss Witch, Tara, Weez, Wickedfox.

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