Subversive Group:    VirtuaLunatics

Subject Name: Gabriele Schulz

Other Aliases: Gabi, velocitygrass

Location: Near Strasbourg, but not in France

Writing Status: WIP. 'nuff said.

Noted Titles:

  • "For You"
  • "Nine Hours in Sunnydale"
  • "Over Her" (WIP)
  • "Paths"
  • "Sketches"


  • n/a

Known Haunts:

Special Abilities: To piss people off. Oh, you meant writing-wise! Fluffy erotica. Erotic fluff. That kind of thing. And happy endings are a must! (Well, mostly.)

Other Subversive Activities/Crimes against nature: An unnatural but hopeless admiration and consumption of Hermione/Snape fanfic (Harry Potter), an unhealthy obsession with the Jack/Syd relationship on "Alias", an irresistable attraction to DVD audio commentaries, an inappropriate fondness of fonts and lately an affinity to Jane Austen (and Brandon/Marianne fanfic). Subject also known to use modern technology to support her insane world views by distributing manipulated/ive words and pictures and offering a communication base for like-minded.

Current Known Subversive Associates: Gabriele Schulz, Gail Christison, GilesFan, Gileswench, Jessie, Koala, Miss Witch, Tara, Weez, Wickedfox.

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