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April 1, 2004

Dear Diary,

One normal day. Just one normal day! Would that really be so much to ask for?

This morning started out so nice and normal. I guess that shoulda been my first clue that major weirdness was waiting just around the corner.

While Giles and Buffy were out on patrol, Percy called a super secret meeting of the Scoobies.  I thought that was kinda weird, but then he said that Mark and Carrie should be there too.  That was majorly freaky.

Turns out that Percy wanted to talk to us about getting Buffy and Giles together.  Like dating and smoochies together. Of course it was all in CoW talk.  He said he thought they were 'quite compatible' and asked if there was anything he could do to help move things along.

It's really sad when an old English guy thinks a relationship is moving too slow.

All of us talked about it for a while, and finally we decided that Percy would take Giles and grill him, and that Willow would corner Buffy and find out from her what was going on.  I chose not to hear the part about "encouraging them to move the relationship into more serious territory."  I just don't want to think about Buffy and Giles doing anything more than smooching. Let's face it, smooching is bad enough.  Besides, I want to honestly be able to say that I didn't know anything about Xander asking Percy to give Giles some tips.  Hopefully I won't be around when Giles finds out about that.

We figured it'd be easy enough. I'd been conned into babysitting for the kids next door, (and I'm still not sure how that happened) Xander and Carrie had a date night, and Willow, by rights of being the Slayer's best friend, was elected to talk to Buffy about... stuff.  Percy's doing Giles.  (Oh god, that just came out ALL wrong!!!)  Erase. Erase.  Erase.  No one is 'doing' Giles.

So, we had a plan.  After that, Mark had to head home so he could watch Queer Eye reruns.  Oops.  Just realized it's almost time for me to start work.  Gotta leave now if I'm going to get to Ms. Wilson's on time.

More Later.




It's later. And you know what, that woman isn't kidding when she calls them her little monsters. They really are monsters! Well, sorta.  Technically I suppose they're half monsters.  Their dad is a demon, making them half demons.  From what Cody and Ashley told me, he left their mom for a younger model who happens to be the same kind of demon he is.  I'll just bet she has very perky demon parts.

And in the tradition of deadbeat dad's everywhere, he's ditching the really great kids he has, because they don't measure up to some bizarre expectation.  Poor Cody and Ashley.  I know exactly how they feel.

If finding out that the kids next doors are part demon wasn't weird enough, I came home to find out that the Easter Bunny had come to visit early. Well, one of the Easter Bunnies.  It turns out there's a whole slew of them, and they lay chocolate Easter eggs.  I wanted to try one, but there was a huge group "NO!" when I asked, so something's definitely up with that.  I'll find out later.

Probably better that I don't know.

You know, I just had a thought... If the Easter Bunny is real, does this mean that Anya was telling the truth when she told us that Santa Claus is real and is a demon that eats kids? Oh, that's just gross.

Note to self: Look up Santa in Giles' demon books.

Willow is sharing my room tonight, because Pickles (I just can't believe that's the Easter Bunny's name!) is staying in her room. You don't want to mess with Pickles, because oh boy, does she have a right hook!! Xander ate one of her eggs without permission and she clocked him! If I hadn't been so tired, I probably would've been more upset about it.

As it is, we all have to share a bathroom, because when Pickles laid her eggs, she attracted these weird demons. Buffy had to slay them (the demons, not the eggs), and they're currently packed in ice in the downstairs bathtub.

Seriously... how wrong is it I can write that and not even think it's weird?

More Later.