Welcome to Behind The Scenes!  

We will be adding sections over time here, discussing different issues and techniques we used to create VLC.  The topics may contain spoilers for those who have not finished the season and may also destroy some of the "mystery" or "magic" of the final product.   Some people don't like DVD commentaries or to know how laws and sausages are made.  If you are one of them, don't read any further.  

But if you want to see how we created some of the amazing graphics or read some of our commentary on the season, explore here and come chat with us on the boards.   Our BtS board is already covering topics such as our "show vs. tell" writing style and how we made decisions on storylines and more.

The Anatomy of a Poster:
and Its Use
Alternative Posters:
Decisions, Decisions
The Prom Pic:
A Scooby Kodak Moment
  The LAST Poster SYC Featured Site:  
Interview with the Lunatics
 Chaos Magic Research
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