Virtual Season 8
It's a Whole New Slayground!


PREVIOUSLY ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: After befriending an angry ghost and defeating a vengeful Drusilla, the gang attempts to settle into a normal life. Buffy found the perfect job at a local nursery, Pershing Daisies, complete with offbeat co-workers, mysterious goings-on, along with a cute and eligible guy named Brad. In an effort to avoid the difficult topic of Giles' return to London, everyone focused discussions on continuing their education and finding employment.

Seeing that his friends were getting along fine and no longer needed his help, Giles began to make his preparations to leave. Ignoring Buffy's order to remain silent, the other Scoobies approached him with their desire for him to stay. Meanwhile, the savage murder of one of Buffy's co-workers at the nursery required the gang to work together to solve the mystery. Buffy found herself embroiled in an overwhelming battle with an army of murderous garden gnomes that were being mystically controlled by an insane co-worker.  Buffy defeated the gnomes, but only after the successful casting of powerful spell by Giles.

Later, Buffy approached Giles with proof of her independence and asked him to stay, not as her teacher, but as a colleague and friend.  He agreed and the gang again began their attempt to lead a normal life living as a family together...


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