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It's a Whole New Slayground!


“I understand and forgive your curiosity, Katako. But you must trust me in this. Dawn holds the key to what will heal me.” Ethan reached up and tenderly cupped the young Slayer's cheek. “Your station is to protect while hers is to heal. You want that, don’t you? For me to return to my former self?”

“Of course, sensei. Only wish I could provide you with what you need to get well.”

“And you will, my dear, in your own way.” Ethan smiled thankfully at her.

Seeing the knife buried in his friend's abdomen, Giles cursed. “Jesus… hang in there, Percy. Help is on the way,”

“See? What…what’d I tell you, Rupert?” Percy grinned, grimacing. Giles caught Percy’s bloody hand in his and held it tightly. “Fools rush in.”

“Remember this?” Ethan held the etched bracelet out to her accusingly. “You abandoned it, didn’t you? Abandoned me,” he reprimanded her in a harsh tone. He forced the cuff around her bound wrist. “You’ll never abandon me again, Dawn.”

The moment the metal touched her skin, she shivered the length of her body and her eyes glazed over.

Buffy marched over to the fireplace and unhooked the scythe from its place above the mantel. She gave it an expert spin and headed to the front door.

“Let’s go get us a piece of evil sorcerer.” Xander swung open the door and jumped back, startled, bumping into Buffy behind him.

“Way to work the welcoming party, B,” Faith said with a sly smile.

“Faith?” Buffy said, surprised.

Wood stepped up from behind her. “Did we come at a bad time?”


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