Virtual Season 8
It's a Whole New Slayground!


Ethan took the gloves off, leaving a number of dead and injured witches at the coven after draining them of their magical energies. He immediately went after Buffy, stealing her Slayer strengths and leaving her trapped within her own mind. Giles entered her dreams, and together, they worked through the issues of their past, present and future. Though both safely emerged, Buffy was still lacking her Slayer powers.

Meanwhile, the Council of Watchers sent reinforcements to hunt down and capture not only Ethan, but also Katako, the rogue Slayer. Unfortunately, the extra security did nothing to spare the Scoobies from the attentions of a grumpy, heartsick fir darrig named Fergus. During the course of his lesson in manners, Dawn suffered the worst of the humiliations while Giles and Buffy suffered the most ill-timed interruptions to intimacy ever experienced by any of the Scoobies.

Luckily the culprit was discovered and the situation solved, leaving Buffy and Giles to finally share their intimate moment alone.


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