Virtual Season 8
It's a Whole New Slayground!


PREVIOUSLY ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: A psychotic Watcher, convinced that the calling of all Slayers had upset the balance of the world and had ruined his own Potential's opportunity to achieve greatness, brought his young charge, Katako Hojo, to Whispering Pines to kill Buffy. Fortunately, Faith had been tracking the pair and came to Buffy's aid.

After the rogue Slayer's Watcher was killed by a demon, she appeared at Scobie Mansion, intent on fulfilling the mission her Watcher had set for her. With Faith's help, a magical assist from Willow, and some judicious gunplay, the rogue Slayer was captured just before the Council's special ops team arrived.

Though the "COWboy" team departed, taking the confused and bitter young Slayer with them, Lord Percy remained so he could enjoy an extended visit in Whispering Pines. While Buffy and Giles wondered what Percy would think of their new relationship, news came of the young Slayer's escape from Council custody.


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