Virtual Season 8
It's a Whole New Slayground!

PREVIOUSLY ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: Ethan returned to Whispering Pines, intent on gaining as much power as he could and destroying in the process the happy life Giles had created there.

After attacking the coven and leaving its members dead or drained of their power, Ethan kidnapped Buffy. Using an old Council ritual he had found and hacked, Ethan stole Buffy’s physical Slayer powers, leaving her in a mystical coma with the spell continuing its original purpose, forcing her to confront the ramifications of being chosen as the Slayer.

To free her from her mind, Giles entered her dreams. Together, they came to terms with their shared past and they returned to the real world with a renewed commitment to each other and their shared destiny.


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