Katrina Aid Fic Donated by Heide

Request pairing:  Willow and her Cafe Cohorts

Title:  "Café Caffeine"

Lead Author:  WickedFox

Lunatics Currently at Large:  
Giles Fan, Jessie, Koala, Miss Witch, Tara, and WickedFox


Time: In the Luniverse, sometime after "'Til Death Does Its Part"

Two pairs of hands roamed a terrain of creamy skin, eliciting small gasps and sighs of delight.

"All hail and welcome the return of Witchy Woman," Becka cheered, waving at Willow as she entered the Café Caffeine. 

"We salute you, Fair Maiden of the Foam and Slayer of Evil Espresso Machines." Jack bowed graciously.

Willow crossed the room, smiling through her embarrassment. Once she noticed the place was empty except for her friends, she relaxed. "Hi guys. Wow, it's dead in here. Um, not so much the lack of pulse, heartbeat and brainwaves kind of dead, just, you know, really quiet. What's up?"

"We closed shop early on account of, well, accounting actually." Becka came out from behind the counter and greeted Willow with a hug before continuing on to lock the door. "Looks like I've forsaken my solemn duty to lock up. Lucky thing, too, ‘cause look, Willowy goodness."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't notice the closed sign. I'll swing by tomorrow."

"Or you could stay here and swing tonight." Jack grinned. “You’ll be a fine addition to our balancing act.”

"He’s right. I'm afraid you're our prisoner now. Crossing through the forbidden barrier is a crime of the highest order and you must be punished." Becka leered cheerfully. “I think we’ll start by making you our test subject for a new grind. It's called Rapture Roast."

"Less roast and more rapture, I hope." Jack tossed his towel to the sink. "That last batch was a little too burnt for my taste."

"I think I can taste test a new brew." Willow dropped her book bag on a chair. "If that's all there is to being your prisoner, you're talking about a pretty light sentence."

"But there's also getting down and funky with our books." Becka grinned. "We ferreted out your secret, and we know you’re a numbers wiz. So get down with your brainiac self and help us work out why we're off a few decimal places in the wrong direction."

"I suppose since I help Giles with Buffy's budget and taxes, I can unravel the mystery of the decaf decimal." Willow agreed, then a mischievous grin curled along her lips. "But… what’s in it for me?"

Jack picked up a mug and sipped at it. He ran his tongue around his lips slowly to lick off the excess foam. “Early release?”

Lips teased at her right nipple while fingers teased at her left. And then, godohgodohgod, two mouths were teasing while fingers, small and nimble, slipped between her legs, teasing their way in. Broad, strong fingers combed through her hair before stroking down her cheek and along her lips. 

"Here's your problem," Willow wagged a pencil at the log before her. "You didn't deduct your cups shipment last week and forgot to account for the backorder of your promotional coffee cards."

"You found it?" Becka clapped playfully. "Whee!"

"Not good," Willow shook her head. "You're still off, and what's worse, you're off in the badness direction."

"Ouch." Jack winced. "So there's more?"

"Yeah, but I'll find it."

"We have faith." Becka gestured to Willow's empty cup. "More rapture?"


"Jitter brew? Would you like me to top that off for you?"

"No thanks. I'm already set to high on the Willow Vibra-Mode Scale."

Becka lifted her eyebrows. "I could practically hear the trademark symbol on that name."

"Oh, it's totally trademarked. Anyway, I'll take herbal tea, if you have it."

Jack snickered. "If we have it."

"Oh boy, now you've done it." Becka smirked.

"What'd I do?"

"Awakened the tea Nazi within Jack."

"I'm hoping that's a good thing."

“Trust me, an awake Jack is always a good thing.”

Smooth calves slicked between hers as gentle kisses brushed her lips. The scent of patchouli and sweet musk tangled with taste of mocha and mint. The sensation was rich with familiarity, a feminine touch Willow craved. Then strong fingers curved along her hips, drawing her back to a muscled form and the pressure of unyielding flesh reminded her of the other pleasures she'd long denied herself. The nearly forgotten touch of an aroused man stole her breath from her. And when the ample cock plunged in, it forced a moan that was quickly subdued by a hungry mouth. This was a new bliss, being sandwiched between two worlds she'd never imagined colliding together. 

"She's got it," Jack hollered to Becka who was busying herself in the storage room.

"She found it?" 

"That would be what I meant by 'she's got it'." He shook his head in mock disappointment. "And you're supposed to be the brains behind the biz."

"So what does that make you?" Willow asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Becka waggled an eyebrow suggestively.

"Guess I’m just the muscle. Someone’s got to provide the eye candy around here.”

Willow looked him up and down appraisingly. “I think I could add you in as an asset in that department.”

Becka snorted as she entered. “He’s got a good ass, but I’m not sure if that’s tax deductible. Now let me see what you found.” She leaned over the books, pressing her chest lightly against Willow’s back. Her hand rand down Willow’s arm as she reached out to trace the numbers back and forth.

"Willow, you're a genius!" Becka's enthusiasm jolted Willow from her focus on Becka’s slim finger. "I could so kiss you."

"Okay." She leaned back against Becka. "Kiss me, I mean." 

Jack smirked at her from across the small circular table. When Becka didn't respond quickly enough to his liking, he leaned across and brushed Willow's lips with a modest kiss. "Never keep a lady waiting," he advised his friend as he pulled back. Willow blinked in surprise.

"God, was it that awful?" He asked, brow creased with uncertainty. "My lips were dry, weren't they? It's the weather this time of year…"

"No. It was nice. Really nice. Better than nice, it was good, heading toward extra nice but…." Willow stopped and gulped down a breath. "I just didn't expect it."

"Then I feel I should warn you."

"About what?"

"I might do it again, and often."

"Now wait a minute. I believe the lady's consent was directed to me, lover boy." Becka leaned down and pulled Willow’s face slightly to the side and planted a playfully pushy kiss to her lips. When she pulled back, Willow giggled. "I'm not sure how to take that since I wasn't going for Queen of Comedy."

"I'm sorry. I've never been in this sort of situation before." Willow could feel her face flush with embarrassment as well as arousal. “I don’t want to assume anything.”

"Assumptions about necking in a café?" Becka asked.

"About sucking face in a coffee shop?" Jack raised a suspicious brow.

"About sharing." 

"Don’t worry, we’ll divide you up fairly. Come on, let’s go back at the apartment." Becka grabbed her jacket and tossed Jack his as she marched toward the door. 

"Oh. Okay." Willow couldn't help but smile. 

A chorus of panting drowned out the faint hum of blues on the radio. The sea of candles flickered, casting dancing shadows along Jack, Willow and Becka's shimmering bodies. Their hands met on Willow's abdomen, rising and falling with her breathing as the three rested in a post coital afterglow. 

"Wow, that was…" Willow sighed breathlessly, "…that was amazing math."

“Yes, I’ve always been a believer in the idea that the sum of our parts would be greater in the hole.”

"Yeah, too bad they didn't teach it like that in school. I'd probably have done better." Jack leaned in and nibbled on Willow's earlobe. Becka joined in on the other side, sending shivers all along Willow's body.

"He'd have been the teacher's pet," she giggled. 

Becka snuggled into the nape of her neck, placing feathery kisses as she spoke. "I think I can say for the both of us, Willow, that you can balance our books anytime."

"Well, I’m definitely your CPA, a Certainly Pleasured Accountant."

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