Just For Fun

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This section will contain material of a non-VLC nature but which has been created by VLC artists. It is simply a place for our artists to strut their stuff and offer works inspired by discussions, feedback and other oddball ideas that sprout out of our Lunatic minds.

Just Plain Silly

Sometimes the public boards just inspire the strangest things. Take these teaser episode posters for example...

Ethan and Dawn?

Giles and Riley?

Gloom and Doom!

What are you in the mood for?

The following series of photo manipulations were inspired by a thread on the VLC board over what Giles might look like sporting a variety of beard styles. Look what you guys caused *wicked grin*.

Bearded Giles.

Here's Giles' evil twin.

NW Grunge Giles.

Scruffy Giles.

5 o'clock Shadow Giles.